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For me it's the personal side of things, I love the fact that if I don’t turn up for Bootcamp for a bit, Craig will msg me to see whats going on, I love the banter and the way it feels like family. I have been to normal gyms and they don’t care if you turn up and you could do a class for a year and no one would know your name. I walk in to Bootcamp and Craig and Ryan greet me by my name and I feel welcome, I love bootcamp!!!


It feels like a family and you are motivated to do your best and you only compete with yourself (if you want to!). Your personal ailments/issues/problems are answered and your best IS good enough (though you are pushed to find where that is). It makes you proud to be part of it

Great atmosphere great encouragement, dint think it was possible to laugh so much at 6-15 am!!! Oh and my clothes are baggy now makes it a pleasure to get up early



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